Fixtures List

Below is a list of Fixtures for the current calendar year.


Sun 1 New Years Day Confined Old  
Fri 6 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 7 GUI Open Old  
Sun 8 Glashedy #5 Both  
Fri 13 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 14 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 15 Confined Old  
Fri 20 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 21 GUI Open Old  
Sun 22 Glashedy #6 Both  
Fri 27 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 28 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 29 Confined Old  
Fri 3 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 4 GUI Open Old  
Sun 5 Glashedy #7 Both  
Fri 10 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 11 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 12 Confined Old  
Fri 17 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 18 GUI Open Old  
Sun 19 Glashedy #8 Both  
Fri 24 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 25 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 26 *McColgan Cup Old 1
Fri 3 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 4 GUI Open Old  
Sun 5 Glashedy #9 Both  
Fri 10 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 11 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 12 Paul Crotty Confined Old  
Fri 17 Captain's Drive In Mr Bryan Northey Old  
Sat 18 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 19 Glashedy #10 Both  
Fri 24 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 25 GUI Open Old  
Sun 26 *Confined  Glashedy 2
Fri 31 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 1 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 2 *Clement Sweeney Memorial Trophy Old 3
Sat 8 GUI Open Old  
Sun 9 Glashedy Captain's Day Kevin McLaughlin Both  
Sat 15 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 16 Easter Sunday Open Old  
Sat 22 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 23 *Strand Hotel Confined Old 4
Sat 29 GUI Open Old  
Sun 30 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 6 D4 Products Open Old  
Sun 7 *Cassidy Bros. Concrete Confined Glashedy 5
Sat 13 Malin Head Hall/Malin Head Community Classic Old  
Sun 14 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 20 McGrory's of Culdaff Open Old  
Sun 21 Confined Glashedy  
Tues 23 Ladies Branch Open Any Comb Old  
Sat 27 White Oaks Classic Old  
Sun 28 *Confined Old  
Mon 29,Tue 30, Wed 31 Donegal Links Classic  Old  
Sat 3 Lynas Cup Confined Old  
Sun 4 *Confined Glashedy 6
Mon 4 - Fri 9 Causeway Coast Amateur Golf Tournament Old  
Sat 10 Connor Mallon Mem Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sun 11  Confined Old  
Wed 14 Carn Church Classic Old  
Sat 17 Confined Old  
Sun 18 *Confined Glashedy 7
Tue 20 Fr A Porter Mem Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 24 Inishowen Rugby club Classic Old  
Sun 25 Confined Old  
Mon 26 Inishowen Gateway Open  s/f (any comb) Glashedy open Week
Tue 27 Ladies Branch Open s/f (any comb)  Old
Wed 28  Neal M Doherty Jewellers Open Singles s/f Glashedy 
Thur 29 North West Gas Open Singles s/f Old
Fri 30  Desmond Motors Open-s/f Glashedy
Sat 1 Ballyliffin Hotel Open- Stroke Old
Sun 2 Partridge Peartree Open Singles s/f Old
Sat 8 Open Competition Glashedy  
Sun 9 Confined Old  
Tues 11 Ladies Branch Open s/f (any comb)  Glashedy  
Sat 15 Mr Captain's Day Bryan Northey Both  
Sun 16 *Confined Old 8
Sat 22 Ballyliffin Pro Am Day 1 Glashedy  
Sun 23 Ballyliffin Pro Am Day 2 Old  
Sat 22 Confined Old  
Sun 23 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 29 Confined Glashedy  
Sun 30 Confined Old  
Tues 1 Ladies Branch Open Any Comb Glashedy  
Sat 5 Carndonagh FC Classic Old  
Sun 6 Confined Glashedy  
Tue 8 Open (any comb) Old  
Wed 9/Thur 10 Clonmany Festival GUI Open Old  
Sat 12 Confined Glashedy  
Sun 13 Confined-Stroke Old  
Sat 19 Lady Captain's Day Aine McElhinney Both  
Sun 20 *Glashedy Anniversary Open (Black Tees) Glashedy 9
Sat 26 Mr President's Day Johnny McEleney Both  
Sun 27 MLMG  Chartered Accountants Old  
Sat 4 Confined - Stroke Old  
Sun 5 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 9 Lady President's Day Teresa O'Doherty Both  
Sun 10 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 16 Breast Cancer Open (any comb) Old  
Sun 17 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 23 Confined Glashedy  
Sun 24 *James McLaughlin Confined (blue tees) Old 10
Sat 30 GUI Open  Glashedy  
Sun 1 Confined - Stroke Old  
Sat 7 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sat 7 Ladies V The Gents Old  
Sun 8 Glashedy #1 Both  
Wed 11/Thur 12/Fri 13 Great North Links Challenge   Glashedy  
Sat 14 GUI Open Old  
Sun 15 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 21 GUI Open  Old  
Sun 22 Confined Glashedy  
Sat 28 GUI Open  Old  
Sun 29 Glashedy #2 Both  
Fri 3 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 4 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 5 Confined - Stroke Old  
Fri 10 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 11 GUI Open  Old  
Sun 12 Glashedy #3 Both  
Fri 17 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 18 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 19 Confined Old  
Fri 24 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 25 GUI Open  Old  
Sun 26 Glashedy #4 Both  
Fri 1 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 2 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 3 Christmas Hamper Both  
Fri 8 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Sat 9 GUI Open Old  
Sun 10 Confined Glashedy  
Fri 15 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 16 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 17 Christmas Party Both  
Fri 22 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sat 23 Confined Old  
Sun 24 Christmas Eve Confined Glashedy  
Tues 26 Bank Holiday Open (any comb) Old  
Wed 27 Open (any comb) Glashedy  
Fri 29 Open (any comb) Old  
Sat 30 GUI Open Glashedy  
Sun 31 NYE's Confined Old